Chuck’s Grub Fish and Chips (SM North)

IMG_2155IMG_2145I simply wanted to get stuff from Deovir and I was planning to have dinner somewhere in Kapitolyo but Don was already starving so we ended up having a heavy snack at Chuck’s Grub. It’s a fish and chips place so we got a sampler of that with snapper, halibut, cream dory and cobbler. We were already there so we also ordered calamari, shrimp popcorn and tried all four of their dips. There wasn’t anything special with the dips but all the other fried junk food was good. They also offer a number of craft beers so you can enjoy downing the greasy deep-fried salty eats with flavorful beer. Phil and I have tried all of their beers so we went for local ones. Unlike other dishes, fish and chips is one of those that can easily be replicated. I mean other classics such as spaghetti, burgers, wings, chowders and the like are all very different from each other. Recipes for the beer batter seldom vary.



Anyway, drink and enjoy something “healthier” than sisig. Hahaha! Well, it’s not really healthy but at least it’s different from your usual right?


Here’s a photo of Phil and Don with Hello Kitty Grandparents. hahaha. Next post for the rest of the evening. Cheers!

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