Boho and Melrose Boardshop

IMG_2210I took this photo the morning after. Don handed it to me that evening. It’s his pasalubong for me from Bangkok. Cool noh? I mean for a guy to pick out something like this. He also gave Phil a shirt.

Anyway, we dropped by Melrose along West Ave. after doing a bit of window shopping at SM North. It’s a very colorful specialty shop for skateboard, equipment and apparel. From there we proceeded to Boho.

I threw a bit of a tantrum because firstly I was expecting something more than people who just took turns in singing. I mean open mic is okay as long as it’s not close to videoke music if you know what I mean. Boho also looked gloomy for me or maybe I was too tired and pissed that I did not have my way with the food and the plans. Anyway both Phil and Don raved about the chicken wings which were extra salty that evening. Ttalk about unfortunate events. It was okay I guess but I probably would have a hard time eating it without rice, celery and lots of beer. Do I have to apologize that my taste is bland, I’m choosy with music and I stick to plans? I think not especially when people I’m with also get something out of it. Pagbigyan ninyo na ako kung baga.

IMG_2194 IMG_2196

Obviously, they enjoyed singing their songs. I should have grabbed the opportunity too right? Nah, I’d rather dance.

IMG_2201 IMG_2205

I end with Melrose signage and the burst of color. I know the photo is not any good but I really like it. Maybe I should visit the shop in the morning.


Tara. Cheers!

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