Charlie’s Grind and Grill (Kapitolyo)

IMG_2013Rock brought me to Charlie’s Grind and Grill. He got himself a double Black Angus Burger served with fries on the side while I got a serving of the bunless burger which seemed more like small pieces of burger smothered in tasteless coleslaw. I wasn’t that hungry you see but yeah that reminded me that its best to stick to specialties especially if it’s your first time. Anyway, they had a number of beers there that I haven’t tried but I didn’t have much cash on me so maybe I’ll try those next time. I tried Rock’s but I think I really need to go back in order to get intimate with the place. I mean their menu is quite overwhelming so it’s safe to say that they have so many good ones to offer. I hope I can bring people to check it out to save me some cash. I can just ask to taste their orders yeah? Haha.

IMG_2023 - Copy


From Charlie’s we dropped by Poco Deli but it was so cramped and it looked really fancy so I thought we should save it for another time. I also felt like I need to wait for Phil too because I like sharing firsts with him.


Poco Deli also carries craft beers that I haven’t crossed out from the long list so yeah definitely I will check it out again probably early next year.

Rock and I ended up in Three Sisters and I was able to sample their classic pork barbecue. It was cheap, generous and saucy! We both enjoyed it. Three Sisters was way beyond their closing time so we had to transfer to yet another joint. We settled for Bullchef’s. We were quite grateful that they accommodated us considering that they don’t really serve beer . It was a shame that we weren’t able to try any of their specialties because they sure did look inviting even though we were dead full.  I want to try their food fare but they’re so far away and I think if I do visit the area the others will be first on my list but yeah if I get that chance I will.

This is how a night with rock can turn out. You eat more than you should, you spend more than what you have, you will discover things you never knew and restos will give in to his demands. Plus his stories are legendary! I doubt if you will ever get bored.

I end with Bullchef’s celebrity photowall. Cheers!


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