Appetizer and Main Course at Bellini’s!

It’s far from being my first time but a date at Bellini’s on a whim and a newly discovered dish made it a spectacular lunch. Actually I think my post on Bellini’s is not anywhere on WordPress. It’s either at multiply or livejournal even. Anyway, my agenda was to take photos of anchovies.  I was in a meeting when I had it and couldn’t bring myself to stop everyone from eating just so I can click away. And more than documentation, I wanted to try it again with Phil.

The server misunderstood me and we were served something something a la Roberto (800) instead of the plain anchovy appetizer but I don’t regret it! This dish is a grand affair with orangecapsicums, anchovies, cottage cheese, capers, fresh basil, olive oil, vinegar and a whole lot of magic! My dad actually recommended it to me but I was hoping to order it when eating out with a bigger group.

Phil opted for the tenderloin with mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham (400) I forgot what it’s called. Anyway it’d be probably just right for most people but Phil and I would be more satisfied if the gravy was served on the side. The Parma ham was salty enough so the gravy can be used sparingly.

It can’t be a Bellini post if there’s no photo of the free bread sticks! We also got an order of Focaccia which was a bit too salty in the middle. It was served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese and some spices for dipping.

I ordered sole in lemon sauce (395 pesos)

This is a bit too sour for me but still nonetheless refreshing. I often order pasta and pizza there (because they’re cheaper) but since we just ate at CPK I thought it would do no harm to try out items under main course. and was I right! I think I’ll bring food lovers to try out the grand anchovy platter then perhaps we can commute to Sebastian’s for some ice cream. haha. Cheers to you!

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