CPK Sampling

I’ve been shying away from this particular restaurant even if I’ve always wanted Phil to try it. Well, I am not a true pizza lover yes but more than that, it’s because I remember ordering an oh so very expensive plate of ravioli a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong as it was quite delightful but CPK is for people who are willing to spend. Let me just put it this way, with their prices one would expect American super servings like Chili’s, TGIF, Burgoo and New Orleans but you won’t get anywhere near that. However, they do have a lot of stuff that you probably won’t see in your typical pizza restaurant so it’s still worth a try or two. Here Phil, Don and I tried a few of their stuff.


Tomato and basil spaghettini (235 pesos) with goat cheese (+110)

I didn’t think there was anything special with this dish apart from the fresh tomatoes and the goat cheese did not really help make it fancier. Yes it was cheaper than most of the items on the menu but then again if you considered other restos’ rendition of the classic, it’s such a disappointment. Even I can do something very close to this!

Baja fish tacos served with chips and salsa (295 pesos)

I really enjoyed this helping because it’s not usual for me to order a fish viand for Mexican dishes. This made me want to order fish items at Jalapeno if they have it there. I love the contrast between fresh fish and tangy coleslaw with bursts of spices. It was something ultimately refreshing for all three of us

The prosciutto pizza (675 pesos)

We super love this! The sweet crust is quite a surprise but the basic and simple flavors surely highlighted the prosciutto. We did a lot of dipping in balsamic and olive oil plus I don’t think it hurt that we gave in to a bit of hot sauce. It’s still a bit too pricey given that it’s a 12-inch  thin crust pizza but I suppose they can’t help it if it’s prosciutto. People who are not fans of arugula may not enjoy the greens but they can simply give it to someone who loves it. I think I’ll do something close to this substituting with other cold cuts.

All in all, the meal was still very satisfying and I am still curious of what else they have to offer. I end with Don’s apparatus in relation to his attempt to quit. Cheerio!

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