Menu: Karlos and Papa’s Tapas!

And so I prepared my camera and got ready to take a lot of pictures. It’s the first ever tapas party I mainly planned and executed and I ended up with a few shots of sliced vegetables in the beginning and the aftermath of barely there food platters in the end. So, just like any other party I have planned I’ve no photos to brag about. And like all those other instances, I hate Phil for knowing I want pictures of everything and not doing anything about it. No matter. As much as I sucked in the documentation part, Papa and Karlos’ joint celebration was a huge success. I’m good! Haha.

I – nuts/laing over French baguette and Focaccia/Spanish sardines

II – sliced meats platter (salami, chorizo, pepperoni etc)

III- shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes + olives + cheeses

III – baked mussels and stove-top gambas

V – twice cooked rosemary beef, fried eggplant and potatoes, green capsicums and white onion served with sour cream

VI- coffee (care of Phil) and leche flan (something I really want to learn!)

The good news is that I did take photos of half of the food served but not on the day itself. I have no photos of the platters I arranged but more or less this post can illustrate the gastronomic affair. Enjoy!

Missing from the pictures: gambas, potatoes, eggplant, Leche flan

Irene prepared laing and Phil took care of the coffee.

The rest is me with a bit of assistance from Irene and Mylin. Also I’d like to point out that I also took care of the layout/setup. (Yes naghugas din, as always). Cheers!

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