Nomnomnom at E. Rodriguez

It was a long time ago when Pat told me about this place and I did come across articles about it several times but I never got a chance to visit. It’s not exactly easy to find plus I did visit twice and they were closed on both occasions. Anyway, they’re closed on Mondays and they are open from noon to midnight.

Now that I’ve tried it, I am regretful that I haven’t known about it earlier. Firstly I love the wooden white washed walls and furniture. I love the displays such as random artwork as well as framed and hanged photographs. The tufted textile decor on the walls in the air conditioned area made the place more inviting.

Phil and I were in a hurry because we were going to see my brother perform at UPRising at SM Marikina, a fundraising dance concert so we ended up ordering snacks (in our standards).

That’s vegan sisig (tofu, green chilis and a salty and sweet sauce) and fried ravioli (kangkong, cheese, mushroom) served with light salsa and ranch. The vegan sisig was good but I think it is something I can do at home even if I’ve never tried it before. Meantime, the ravioli is impressive. I love the little twist of using kangkong especially that I found it very tasty. I never would have thought of substituting spinach with kangkong. However their ranch was too watered down. My advise is that they should use sour cream or yoghurt or mayo as base to make it thicker but if they want to stick to vegan options they can choose soy cream. Still I loved it and that little magic trick there made sure I’d visit again to sample more of their goodies. I saw a lot of pizza and pasta helpings so next time I’ll drop by with more people so I can taste test more.

I’ll probably ask UST people to check it out with me. Their coffee menu is limited yes but I suppose we can mix and match hot chocolate and tea that they also serve. And the wide selection of desserts we can have, I bet, will compensate for it. There is a smoking area though that section doesn’t have air conditioning. And yes, they also serve local beers. I also noticed a number of veggie options. hmmm. This place? has it all? jumping barnacles!

Cheers to places that aren’t as noisy as common fast foods and usual coffee shops and whoa to having a picture of myself taken despite the fact that our stay there was around 15 minutes (ordering, eating and all).

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