Snacks at Mary Grace Greenbelt

It’s my first time in the area. I was so impressed with how they dressed the place up to the point that it’s embarrassing! It’s Shabby Chic plus The Secret Garden. The mix of old world charm, restored distressed pieces, foliage in pots and the magic of mirrors and metal crafts sure did work. Obviously I skipped the taking pictures part altogether. Firstly, I wanted to take pictures not when I have just been to a yoga session. Secondly, I wanted my other lens. Thirdly, I swear I’ll be back and when I do I’ll be quite hungry!

I got an order of Iced Mocha which was a bit disappointing because it was a bit sour. Weird right? Also I was under the impression that it wasn’t an ice blended beverage but as you can see it’s more like shake than coffee to me.

However I did enjoy the cassava chips especially the onion dip. How they did it, I don’t know. I just know it’s a fabulous yet simple dip that I would experiment on in our kitchen. Even the cassava chips weren’t bad. They’re thin, mildly-flavored, crunchy and original. Actually I never ordered food from Mary Grace before because I’ve always seen them as a coffee shop/dessert place. I usually order the specialties so I completely forgot trying them out. Or maybe I’ve forgotten about it. Let me check on that. haha.

(Guys, can we please have a retake? this looks like a 1 by 1 ID session!) Anyway, I had snacks with Evan and Perry and I thought we weren’t even halfway our stories. Damn! Hope to see them again when I visit Makati or as I’ve told Evan, they should come to Quezon City. hahaha. Cheers!

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  1. Game! We have to go to Cafevegis and eat veggie liempo, haha.


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