QKebab E. Abada Katipunan

We blew our budget early on so we had to settle for something fairly accessible and not very expensive. We ended up at Qkebab a new shawerma place at Esteban Abada Katipunan. I want to applaud their attempt to try something different with the kebab thing then again the attendants didn’t have an idea how it works. There’s supposed to be a make your own kebab thing going on but they didn’t really let us choose what we want so I guess that was that.

The beef basmati was like the usual I’ve tried only it is more expensive. I was kind of excited about the Australian ribeye selling point but if it shredded into bits I doubt if it matters. There was also nothing special about the Greek salad.

I initially ordered for some lentil soup and Turkish salad but I was told they didn’t have stocks. The attendant also had that confused look asking a person in the kitchen every so often so I don’t think they really know what they’re doing or what they’re serving.

I forgot what they called this little wrapped thing because well, I didn’t find it notable. It came with the fries. All in all I’d say skip it because it’s too pricey for a basic shawerma place. Their place is cozy indeed and they serve your food quickly but it’s not enough. They have great hot sauce but really will you go to a place for just that? I say go to Ababu along Xavierville Avenue and order Barg to satisfy your Mediterranean cravings. It’s okay to wait a bit longer even if you’re sitting near the grill if it is for something good.

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