Kaffir at The Collective

I initially wanted to finally try out Wabi Sabi even though Evan has tried it a couple of times but it was crawling with people that day. I had to look f0r another joint and since we were in a hurry and I am not very familiar with food joints in Makati, I simply asked Kaffir, the one sitting just beside the noodle house, if they have vegan options. Evan said they didn’t have anything for vegetarians before but apparently they altered their menu. hurray! I got fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, red curry with tofu and string beans and pad Thai. They were okay I guess but the Pad Thai tasted more like Lucky Me pancit canton, seriously (which is actually fine with me, haha!).

Evan ordered the curious green drink that I wanted to try but he finished it before I had the chance to sip. He assured me that I did not miss anything. Actually it wasn’t a leisurely lunch because I came from a workshop and we have a scheduled yoga session at 2pm. I am known to stuff myself when I try out new joints but I had to play it safe for yoga.

Anyway I loved Kaffir’s random items on sale. That kinda made up for the beer that I wanted to order that was only for display. They have Srirachas, I love Sriracha shirts, coffee drips, coffee beans and snack items. The best thing about it is they’re not at all expensive. I mean you’d often hear me rant about how expensive everything is in shops at The Collective. The coffee drip is 150 pesos and the Sriracha shirt with a Sriracha bottle is 450 pesos. Yummy. I have to go back to secure one so I can tell Phil I already have a birthday/anniversary gift. hahaha!

I loved the vintage “posters” lined, the framed Asian art, the guitar and many others. One last thing, they cook the dishes so it takes some time before your order arrives. I say 20 minutes meal? and the problem is when another group ordered before you. Anyway, just order ahead and take a look around The Collective first so you won’t get pissed. Cheerio!

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