Banana Leaf at Trinoma Garden

I have tried Banana Leaf several times before so I wasn’t too thrilled when they decided that’s where we’ll eat. Anyway Karla and Choi seldom eat out so I should be more giving. They all loved it and that’s what’s most important.

Sikhay loved the banana leaves and I think most Filipinos will do too. If I had my way, I’ll eat like that everyday.

Singaporean chili mussels,chicken crispers and some kind of noodle viand (I’ll ask pa what he ordered)

I loved the noodles. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first time I tried a noodle viand again after Pad Thai. The mussels would have been perfect only if the dish wasn’t so expensive. The chicken was too dry for my taste but I like it that their crispers have a touch of ginger. It lends a very Asian appeal to it.

Below, Thai pomelo salad, Malaysian lamb curry and stir fried veggies

Gone are the days that I am impressed by pomelo salad mainly because I have been whipping up my own dose at home. Theirs have carrot and their shrimp is not as tasty as fresh ones so yeah, I can do better. haha! I am not a fan of curry but their lamb curry was alright. The veggies had pockets of salt and it seemed like they were simply steamed so nothing much there.

Nasi Goreng and Vietnamese Fried Rice

I’ve been told this is their best seller. It’s Thai milk tea and it’s really rich. It reminds me of those milk bars I used to have way back elementary days. So yes, if you see it as an after meal refreshment it’s great. By the way when we ordered we told our servers numbers corresponding to the dish but when her repeated our orders he named each without an ounce of difficulty. He knew the numbers by heart. so cool. Cheers!

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