Dayrit’s at Tomas Morato

Phil brought me roast beef from Dayrit’s as there is a branch near his office and I was disappointed so he never brought it up again. Some friends were raving about the Dayrit’s chorizo macao and I felt cheated that Phil didn’t tell me it’s a deli. But anyway Phil also had no idea. Thanks to Mikee and Nikki for telling me about it.

So I skipped the roast beef and opted for callos. Phil on the other hand stuck with a classic favorite, Dayrit’s burger. The callos was a little bit different than what I often have. It’s a bit too pale and the sauce is not as thick as I expected. I thought the garbanzos were overcooked and I wanted bilbao because I don’t like it sweetish like macao. So I ended up not getting macao after that dish.

The burger is a meaty helping indeed but it is very Filipino. What I mean is that it is very close to the sweet thousand island dressing used for Jollibee or any of the burger joints with buy one take one promos and etc. not really my cup of tea. One bite and I’ll never order it again.

I think I’ll still try their goods one of these days. There were a lot of customers who ordered some kind of sizzling pasta. It smelled absolutely fantastic so I’m gonna satisfy my curiosity soon. They don’t exactly have a wide selection but I like it. It feels homey and I think that’s really a plus.

For lazy people, I see a lot of quick fixes there. Cheers!

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