Choi Garden at Annapolis Greenhills

It is a little bit weird for me to opt for a Chinese restaurant for our anniversary dinner but it has been so long since a joint as such satisfied me so I thought it’s time to find the best(or at least something better than the usual). I was eyeing Peking Garden as I have always been apprehensive to eat there because of their pricelist but Rocky suggested that we can also try Choi Garden especially that it is more accessible than going all the way to Trinoma after the visit to the archery range.

Rocky overdoes ordering all the time because of two reasons. One, he is comparing Phil and I to his parents (when in fact we are far from being 6 footers) and two, because he feels like we should try as much as we can because it’d be a long time before we get the chance to visit that restaurant again. Yes yes, just like us, he is irrationally extravagant.

<- dimsum combination platter (240 pesos)

I almost did not take notice of the dimsum platter that we ordered because it came after the duck. and well, I said I wanted to eat in a chinese restaurant but what I mean to say is that I want to eat duck.

1/2 roast duck (800 pesos)

Other than my roasted goodness I let Rock do the talking and decide what he wanted to order. Phil, well, does not count in situations as such. hahaha! As of the moment I am craving for duck again even though it was just last night. I hate it that many establishments end up taking it out of their menu. I dunno what it is exactly but somehow it is getting more and more inaccessible.

steamed lapu-lapu (small)

According to Rock, he orders the staples in Chinese restaurants so that he can compare what it is that makes one more expensive than the other. The problem is that his staples are not exactly mine. I’d rather order Taosi Spareribs than that salt and pepper dish. We also ordered a small platter of Yang Chow and Phil and I both got a bottle of beer.

salt and pepper spareribs (small – )

Oh the verdict? It is not as expensive as we thought (thank god!) but their servings are meant for big groups. I am pretty much satisfied with the helping of duck and all the rest were good too. Rock thought the steamed fish could do better especially that it was more expensive than most he has tried. As we ordered the small size, each of our orders (except the duck) was for 3-4 people. and to think that they missed Rock’s order of beef broccoli. Can you imagine how much we ate? Here’s to our 7th year (and roast duck)! cheers!

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