Gandiva Cafe at Julia Vargas (Vegetarian)

So the first agenda for the very long day was to try out archery at Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range. It’s on our list of things to try and we finally found them after seeing them at White Plains so long ago so we didn’t want to wait any longer.

Since they have a vegetarian cafe, we are all currently in the mood for trying out new stuff and we didn’t have anything to do while waiting for our turn, well we just had to sample their goods. We ordered cheesli peppers (I’ve been trying different versions of this and so far all of them is good), veggie supreme pizza and mushroom trio. When I called to make reservations I asked how much their fare is and I was told that it’s actually cheap. Hmmm, I guess cheap for them.

Though I heartily enjoyed the chili cheese sticks, the pizza was very far from what you’d call decent vegan fare. veggie pizzas at the usual pizza joints are far better. I would’ve understood if they didn’t use cheese for the pizza but they have cheese so it’s a bit off for it not to be tasty still. I think they forgot salt and spices. It was too dry, too bland and I honestly can whip up something better (minus the pizza dough). They have all the fancy ingredients yet they still failed to ace it. somehow the flavors were just as is and not a whole new dish. well, I hope they know what I am talking about so that they can do something about it. It would be such a shame if vegan joints end up closing down because their only customers are vegetarians who have no choice.

Anyway, this is just the pizza I am talking about. Perhaps I will try other options but who can blame me if I am not exactly hyped about it. What I am hyped about is a possibility of trying archery again. Where are those coupons I can get for cheaper visits? Cheers!

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