Menu: Tea Party and Fondue for Jodi and Andre (TPFJA) haha!

Most of the time I am not too happy about not following the menu as planned. And no it doesn’t help even if I know few people take notice. But anyway, I have more hits than misses so I guess it’s not as bad as I think it is.

<-(what the fuck! this photo?! is that really the best I can manage)

The tea party was one big mess. The candles went missing and there weren’t any tea light candles available at the nearest marts and fondue without candles is no less a nightmare. Phil screwed up the coffee many times over. First he used ugly cups. Second he let the guests have their way with the sugar and creamer. Third he leaves out milk. I worked hard to clean the balcony and make it look as pretty as I could and my effort goes to waste with those mugs he used. I love coffee and I always make it either too bitter or too sweet but Phil sort of gets away with his random measurements but he didn’t do it for the guests at the time. and Coffeemate?! Seriously?


I missed out on making my tropical shrimp because I forgot to ask someone to get me fresh shrimp paste. I skipped making pesto cream because there’s no more time. I skipped making applets salad because the jalapeno we bought were too mushy. I also ended up serving pasta because all of them haven’t had lunch yet. There was a misunderstanding because I said it’s a tea party and I guess everyone assumed it was just a theme and not a real “tea party”. I served chicken fritters and forgot about the gravy and the dip. The mashed potatoes were served cold because our microwave oven is busted. Plus I think the hot and humid weather was really bad for the milk in the potatoes.

That’s a mouthful… Moving on to fondue.

The cheese fondue was a mixture of Edam, cheap quickmelt and parmesan. I thought it was perfect for first timers because I was a little bit shocked at the bitter tones of the cheese fondue we had at Old Swiss Inn when we had our first. I am really not as hot as mixing liquor or liqueurs. The selection included shrimp, slices of roast beef and steamed asparagus that I overcooked. haha. For the chocolate fondue, the choice was between dark chocolate buttons and a slice of semi sweet bar. I made french toast cubes out of whole wheat bread. There were also chilled slices of mango, melon, apple plus a banana bunch for some tang and texture. There was a huge pack of sliced almonds and an almost finished jar of maple syrup. Both would have been lovely only if they weren’t that full and if I did not take too long looking for the stupid tea light candles.

For drinks, there’s real iced tea with slices of oranges, coffee murdered by Phil and standby soda cans in the fridge. And oh, how can I forget, that as always I did not take much pictures of the food, what I did to the place and the people holding my big coffee cups because I was too busy cooking and looking for the candles. hahaha. Cheers tayo diyan!

Oh and Jodi brought cakes! (and pistachio ice cream spells greed!!!)

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