Bakin Awesome at Esteban Abada

We needed something very accessible and I wanted something new so we tried Bakin Awesome which is along Esteban Abada. Boy, did I miss!!! You can’t win ’em all right? Anyway they have decent mashed potatoes. hahaha.

The Tex-Mex Broccoli (160) was indeed cooked just right but it was too bland, too ordinary and nothing texy mexy about it (if you know what I mean). I would have made it a lot better with lemon or lime and perhaps a dash of chili powder or made the cheese a little bit richer. I dunno. There are lots of things you can do with this. I already had breakfast so I ordered this but it was too expensive for something that is more of a side-dish.

The duke which is supposed to be tenderloin was overcooked, overly seasoned and just all around wrong. It was too salty that even if they marinated with a bit of the classic Worcestershire, that was also overpowered by the soy sauce. It seemed very close to the local bistek if they also used a bit of calamansi. I could not taste any meat taste there and at 250 pesos, that is a big “what the hell were you thinking?”

For dessert, well, we walked all the way to Flaming Wings so we can try their Apple Pie a la Mode. At least our dessert wasn’t bad.

not bad at all.


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