The Fat Skillet at Katipunan Ext.

I don’t really know how Kris does it. Her daughter is barely a year old yet she manages to work, to maintain her business and meet&feed me. And when she meets me she has all these little gifts that I always end up loving. Anyway, it was a long time since we ate out as she usually cooked for me at home. I let her choose where she wants to eat and The Fat Skillet is where we ended up. Boy, how excited she was!

The prawn popper and The Fat Skillet spaghetti are equally good but their Caesar salad is just superb! I love shrimp so it’s kinda hard to screw it up. Then again they did not do much to make it an unforgettable dish. I have to say the same about the pasta. I love the taste but it’s not like I’d be in a hurry to have more and rave all about it. Meantime, the salad was really something because I kinda like the usual recipe of Caesar’s salad. Most of the time people who tinker with the dressing screw it up but this definitely aced it. It’s a bit more tangy than usual and I think it is because of a squeeze of lime or lemon. Also, it has alfalfa sprouts and cherry tomatoes. The result is something particularly more refreshing. Actually, they can give it another name if they want to.

<-That is a tall glass of Kapuziner, a beer I have tried only once so I was glad to have a second dose. Also, the meetup was for me to take shots of Kairi and for them to hand me the invite. Photos are currently lost in between laptops I borrowed since the death of the desktop so I’ll work on those some other time.

I also ordered chili beef  and it tasted just the way I like it. The only problem is that I knew how they did it so there’s no magic involved. I mean much about what you love about a dish is the element of surprise. The taste’s fusion one after the other is what makes it a feast and when you already know what it is, you know how it tastes like and you know what comes after, it becomes ordinary. Sometimes I wish I can erase some of the things I know so that I can be surprised all over again.
Despite my pessimism, I doubt if there aren’t tastes left to be discovered so I say eat more. Cheers!
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