Sancho Churreria Manila at Maginhawa

I’ve lost my faith in Maginhawa food stalls after a big letdown by one of the restaurants we visited. I often say I will try this and that soon  but the truth is that they’re at the bottom of the list of things I want to try. That or maybe it’s just near our place so I tend to look farther. Anyway we ended up at Sancho Churreria Manila because that was the nearest place I could think of where our group can have a dose of sugar. It was actually weird because I wasn’t expecting to have dessert especially that we had bottles of beer right after dinner, our 2nd helping of Woorijib that day.

Honks ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake and a cream puff. Migs, Phil and I opted for 2 orders of churros con tsokolate. Daddy Jowi had a cup of coffee and a chocolate eclair. But anyway we ended up sharing everything so each got to sample their desserts.


All of us went crazy over the cheesecake and we also enjoyed the plate of churros thoroughly. I was thinking to myself that the tsokolate isn’t exactly made the traditional way in the sense that it is not as thick as it is supposed to be. I think it may be watered down however I loved it more. I mean this is a cup of tsokolate that you can actually drink after dipping and eating all the churros served with it. The traditional thick concoction is too rich for me so the watered down part turned out to be a plus.

Their 85-peso plate of churros is quite a treat and the menu for main courses looks promising. This calls for another visit! I guess I’d have to rethink my assessment of Maginhawa street. Maybe not all of the nooks are just “trending”. Funny how that word sounds hellishly negative to me.

and Cheers!

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