Edsa Shangri-La’s Heat’s Breakfast Buffet

I know it’s not much when you look at the photos but believe me when I say that it is fine. Fine, it’s only the best breakfast buffet I’ve had! It’s been some time since hotel breakfast buffets pleased me so I am definitely gonna be back with Phil or with Rock or whoever is willing to shell out a lot of cash for breakfast. You know Phil has always been a breakfast person and it started to grow on me as well.

first plate: sinangag, bacon, 2 kinds of sausages, sole, scrambled egg and pommery mustard

second plate: (no photo) smoked salmon, salami and cheeses

I’m far from those people who consider buffets as eating contests. I no longer stuff my mouth with all I can eat or make Eiffel towers on my plate just to justify the costs. Nowadays, I take as little as I can and eat as leisurely as possible to really taste what I eat. And if I’m full and still wanted more then I’d plan to go back. It is very indulgent, of course, but what’s the point of eating more if you are already full?

I usually don’t get to desserts stations but I did at this time because Mommy Cherry, my aunt who treated me, kept on asking if I am going to have dessert. And I said yes. haha


I had waffle with whipped cream topped with mango, bananas, apple and cinnamon and almonds drizzled in maple syrup. Rock had been badgering me to try Paseo Uno’s dinner buffet and I said I have to save for it first. Looks like I’ll do this breakfast thing first. I think it’s more affordable than lunch and dinner buffets so we can do it sooner. Sorry Rock! Cheers!


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