Fish Co. at Greenbelt

I also enjoyed the fish and chips from Fish Co. but it was not as perfect as the one from Momo. My friend says it’s a little bit bland but for me it was a little bit salty. hahaha! As for the crunch, freshness and creaminess of the fish it was more than fine. Nothing special with their fries and their coleslaw but you know sometimes, it’s okay to have plain food for you to be able to appreciate the main dish. if the side dish has a distinct taste maybe it can overpower the main dish.

Mitzi ordered fish curry that I was very happy about. It’s perfect and it’s exactly how I want my seafood curry to be like in the future. I need more spiciness and I need more squid with my fillet. yum! I really wanted to order more vegetable salads and a refreshing fruity shake but didn’t due to budget constraints.

Thanks Mitzi for a grand feast. Maybe a shoot next time?

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