5: We love Pineapple Recipes!

I used to hate pineapple in my food that I just had to scowl at my aunt’s compilation of pineapple recipes(a very thick book). Much later, I realized there will always be exceptions. For this post, I give you my top 5 most recommended dishes with pineapple.

5 – Potato salad

This basic recipe tops my list because my nanay (grandmother) always prepares it for special occasions. And I think it’s true for most Filipino households. This kind of salad simply can’t be missed in any of those grand fiestas. I actually tried preparing this without the pineapple and it’s not quite the same.

4 – Escabeche

A classic dish that I recently learned, it is certainly a great addition to your weekly menu. Being sweet and sour, this would be something new especially if all you do is fry fish at home. The sauce can also be used with meatballs if you don’t like to have fish too often.

3 – Tropical fried rice

This probably has some other name but anyway this experiment mainly with bagoong (shrimp paste), shrimp, and pineapple chunks may sound exotic to some but it really is something that Filipinos can easily fall in love with. It is the epitome of tropical countries most especially if you braved adding gata (coconut milk). For added kick, sliced green chili can also be added to this fancy fried rice.

2 – Hawaiian pizza

This earns a spot here even if I never ordered it from any pizza place. It’s just that it’s super easy to make! A layer of tomato sauce, slices of ham and pineapple chunks will already make your day complete. Kids also love it so it’s perfect for bake at home sessions as well as kiddie parties. If you want to make it fancier you can add bacon, sausages and other cold cuts that kids will also enjoy.

1 – Thai street kebabs

Lastly but definitely not the least, this is why I finally embraced pineapple. Marinated shrimp, squid, pork or beef on skewers topped with pineapple and green chili. It’s weird, spectacular and addictive! It’s what I loved in Thailand the most and ironically it was only grilled and sold on the streets. The kick of green chili and tanginess and sweetness of pineapple blend together wonderfully that you’d think it’s always meant to be.

Oh shucks, Cheers!

(perhaps I’ll put up pictures?)

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