Intramuros: Cafe Ilustrado

We were given a serving of bread with butter and pate but after Balducci’s, Grappa’s and Italliani’s free appetizers, it’s kind of hard to impress me with just that. Still, you have to be thankful that they don’t let people starve especially restaurants that need a long preparation time.

I wanted to order something else but papa seemed disappointed that no one is willing to share paella with him so I agreed to having that. Karla on the other hand just couldn’t resist ordering lengua. Mama opted for kare-kare. We also ordered eggplant something wrapped in filo pastry as appetizer. I found the kare-kare ordinary. Karla enjoyed the lengua so I suppose it was something spectacular. I tried it but it did not exactly blow me away. The paella ilustrado was superb and this is coming from a person who is not a big fan of paella. So I decided I should learn how to cook that too. Good luck to me! Without the filo pastry thing, I can easily ace the eggplant basil appetizer they served.

Pa and I shared an order of paella and even though Karla and Mama also got helpings, we were still able to brought some home. Phil ate it and loved it the next day! However, it is pricey and you’d have to wait for about 30 minutes for it to be ready. Lastly, the very reason why I wanted to check this out in the first place is the Sampaguita ice cream. It ended up too fragrant for all of us. Actually fragrant is not the word I am looking for…

Phil and I were planning to check this out together with Jodi, Inez, Mitzi and Don before watching Polarity but unfortunately they were closed at the time. It’s not much indoors and they have very poor lighting but it is picture perfect outside. Perhaps going there for lunch may be a good idea so that you can enjoy your food under more light but yes Manila is really far and you have to be ready for the heat and a lot of traffic. It’s better to make reservations or at least call if they have an event of some sort.

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