Coron: Food Joints

Here’s a list of random food joints in Coron Palawan with a short description and a sampling of their food. I rolled all of them in one post because it’s too short to make them into individual posts.

Caffe Camo


This is the first joint we ate at in Coron. They have a wide selection of food and as they are a cafe, they serve coffee. The problem is that a lot of the items were not available and I dunno how often that happens. The sisig was a little bit too salty but I guess it is cooked in such a way that it should be paired with a lot of rice as most Filipino dishes are. But anyway, I loved the calamares even if I hated the cloying thousand island dressing.

Coron Bistro

mexican chicken/vegetarian pizza/french onion soup/phil

Coron Bistro is a bittersweet ecstasy. With a rather moody attendant, I was in the brink of losing my patience several times. However, they have a kitchen with all the elements of making magic. One look at their menu and you are sure that this is no ordinary restaurant and their cook is no ordinary chef. With French influences, their prices can be more expensive than other joints but they still have cheaper options. For instance the Mexican chicken that I ordered is 210 pesos and it can be good enough for two if served with rice. Even the other restaurants had viands of 200+ even if they’re not fancy so it’s not bad. Just stay away from rib eyes and the like or you’d end up overspending. The French onion soup was delectable and the Mexican chicken was mind-blowing. The vegetarian pizza could be better but you know what, they have oil with chilis in the counter and that made it a lot better. I recommend this joint because they take food seriously. Just remember to allot more waiting time as they cook your meals fresh.


ika fry/vegetable tempura

After noticing that most restaurants in Coron has tuna sashimi on their menus, I thought maybe it would be fantastic to order one. After all we are very near the sea. I finally chose Amphibi-ko, a Japanese restaurant, for my helping of tuna sashimi. I was really disappointed that they did not have any fish! Can you believe it? I don’t think it’s their fault because I asked every restaurant I ate at and each said fish is out of stock. I simply ordered vegetarian tempura and ika fry which was refreshing. But it’s kinda hard to be pleased when your expectations are not meant.

On a lighter note, Amphibi-ko is the only restaurant I went to with a view. They have a spacious dining area so it is best for big groups. It is also a good place to have your photos taken. Others Coron restos are not tastefully decorated or simply too cramped to be appreciated. This restaurant definitely has a more relaxing atmosphere.

Centro Coron

grilled salmon head

Centro Coron is just across our inn. We had coffee many times at their neighboring coffee shop named Coron ZY but that would be saved for another post. This restaurant features a buffet breakfast with 3-4 viands such as lumpiang shanghai, maling, corned beef, tuna omelette and etc. Fried rice, pancit canton and hotcakes are also a part of the buffet. At 150 it doesn’t seem bad but I am not a fan of buffets especially if I don’t find a singular viand appetizing. I check theirs several times and it seems like everything is too dry yet too greasy. Anyway, their lunch menu seems more promising with special Filipino dishes such as kalderetang kambing, Bicol express, adobong kambing, inihaw na liempo and other classics. Still we didn’t try any of those. What we did try was the salmon as they are the only one who has that in Coron. Phil and I shared it and skipped rice for that meal. I think it’s Phil’s first time not to have a fillet so he was a little bit squeamish. hahaha. Nonetheless, we were crazy about it.

Lolo Nonong

bicol express/nilaga/ fruits

With 4 little huts that can accommodate a group of 10 and a separate main hut with 4 long tables, Lolo Nonong’s is another spacious restaurant that can be more relaxing than the small ones along National Highway. They have Filipino dishes like menudo, adobo, sinigang, nilaga and others that you often find in bigger carinderias in Manila. It’s a lot cheaper than most restaurants in Coron. Our meal was not served hot and the Bicol express was missing chili. I was also a little but scandalized that a ripe mango costs 50 pesos per piece! So even if the food was cheap, we paid around the same just because we wanted to be healthier.

Up next, more food from Coron!

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