Coron: Coron Galeri Lunch Menu

Coron Galeri is one of those who can arrange tours for you in Coron. I will write about them in my travelog but for now, it’s time for food!

Most tours are arranged with free lunch. While you still have a choice, leaving it to them is much better because they will prepare your meal just before you eat. More or less, they will alternate viands depending on the type of tour. Most will be charcoal grilled on the boat including pork, squid, chicken, fish and crabs.

As for side dishes, it’s either lato (seaweed with onion and tomato) and ensaladang talong (grilled eggplant with onion and tomato). You will have your own dipping sauce bowl with soy sauce tomato and onion.

Most of the grilled items were perfect though the squid has been overcooked that it is a bit hard to chew. On our first day, I wasn’t very satisfied with the serving but the two other days were quite generous that we even had leftovers. I think the sauce is rather salty. It would have been better with a little bit of vinegar and sugar. And of course, I really craved chili that Phil and I did try looking for siling labuyo in their market.

food stash and preparation (I’ll pull this off in the future? grilling on a boat!)

grilled squid and grilled chicken

bilao of crab

ensaladang talong and grilled fish

Lastly, they do have vegetarian options and I will write about that more in my vegan Coron post. Alright?

If you are addicted to having drinks other than water, I advise you to buy that before going although it wouldn’t be cold. You can also pack chips and desserts that you can enjoy before or after lunch. For people who are very particular about condiments, I think ketchup, chilis, vinegar, sugar, calamansi and garlic just might make your tour a gastronomic one. Cheers!

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