Sagada: Lemon Pie House

We were almost turned down for the third time but thankfully the cook accommodated us saying we should only choose breakfast items or any of the chicken viands so that he wouldn’t have a hard time preparing. He said it’s because he’s alone but it was already our third visit so again I am not used to establishments turning down customers.

We wouldn’t have come back if the place wasn’t so intriguing. Just look at lemon yellow wall outside. Almost every corner is picture perfect so people who loved posing for the camera would love it here. It also helps that there are few people so you wouldn’t be so conscious when you pose and take shots repeatedly. In fact, we were the only ones there at the time.

Told you it was only us. Maybe they do fill up the place during peak season. I hope so!

mat, table and throw pillows/ Jodi, me and Phil

That’s Phil’s order of Spicy Chicken, Benj’s order of longganiza and my order of fried chicken. Again, there was nothing spectacular about their food and it took very long before our orders arrived but anyway they have big servings and it’s still better than junk food.

I end this post with a slice of lemon pie! Phil wasn’t the one who ordered it but he loved it had at least half of it. prick! hahaha!

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