Sagada: Food Joints

Salt and Pepper

Exhausted, cold and tried, we settled for the nearest food joint we can find. Salt and Pepper looked inviting though we haven’t heard much about them online. We ordered nilagang baboy as it seemed most apt considering we went for a dip at Bomod-ok falls. The soup was very tasty and you can really tell the vegetables were fresh just by smelling the soup. The chunks of pork did taste good but it was very difficult to chew and may not have been boiled long enough. I ordered garlic vegetables and was disappointed that it turned out to be just kangkong. I wasn’t expecting any kind of meat but I kinda thought it would be more like chopsuey. It took such a long time but we were too tired to complain and we were just happy when the food finally arrived. I suppose there is no need to explain why I skipped taking photos of the food. *wink*

Bus Stop Snack Umbrella

Here I was enjoying coffee, suman and pancakes served near the bus stop. It’s the cheapest snack you can have! Quite filling too if I may add.

Haddeku Cafe

I was expecting people to be cranky because everyone was hungry and we were always missing meals during our whole truth but the truth is nothing like that happened. I just love how I captured exhaustion in pictures after every tour. haha!

I ordered tinola and Phil ordered Fried Chicken. I think the soup was fantastic or maybe the weather is really helping me love all kinds of soup that you can order. But anyway, I loved the three’s order of chicken curry and Benj’s order of vegetable curry even more than the chicken. I guess a little spice cannot possibly hurt in cold nights.

Below is Haddeku Cafe in the morning and the other photo is the group who enjoyed the bonfire for a few minutes before heading home. It still wasn’t manageable even with a fire nearby.

Kimchi Restaurant

This little Korean joint got me really excited because I had been craving for some time. When I checked it out I saw the part where there’s mostly Filipino food first but when I flipped it, Voila! Samgyupsal in Sagada! I was disappointed as there were only two side dishes that came with an order of samgyupsal but I am still recommending this place for many reasons. Firstly, it is the only Korean joint in Sagada (or so I thought). Next, most shops have curfew so they can close as early as 8 or 9pm. However, this joint is open as late as 2am depending on how many customers they have. If you plan to drink all night and if you don’t have plans of going trekking the next day, it’s perfect. I kinda love what they did to the place too. I like the bottle caps and pieces of furniture they have. It would also be nice to photograph. Lastly, the whole group first noticed the resto for their blasting reggae music. So I guess there can be dancing, chilling and just sliding, if you know what I mean.

We shared a few bottles of beer with 2 Canadians. It was lovely. We had no photos taken but I kinda like it that way.


That is Jeffrie, our main guide holding a kilo of Etag (smoked meat)/small bottle of blueberry wine and the group during our short lived drinking session. We tried out etag soup from Lucky Shanghai and paired it with wine and beer. Yum!


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