Coron: Manneken Pis

I was alone when I first checked out Manneken Pis and after one look around the little shop, I knew that it’s where I want to have my grand meal before flying back to Manila. I’m not sure what exactly it is that I found alluring. It could be the beer and wine on display. It could be the cereal boxes, the fruit baskets, the slices of cakes or the kinds of cheeses and meats on the counter. It’s like they have everything to make magic happen.

Left, that’s me waiting for the restaurant to open.

Weird as it may seem, we enjoyed their fruits and ice cream and chocolate mousse on our first visit. They wonderfully go together. The mousse at 40 pesos is sweet, chocolaty and a little bitter. The other item is a combination of mango, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with slices of apple, mango and banana, topped with chocolate syrup. I was so happy with their dessert that I thought about how possibly I can have it in a regular basis.

Next, we went there for a little merienda that ended up being too heavy. I ordered a plate of tuna sashimi as I was surprised that they have it when most restaurants we ate at didn’t. Phil had the homemade burger served with fries. The burger was perfect and the fries was not at all ordinary but the sashimi was such a disappointment. It was just so wrong that we were so near the beach yet we were served frozen fish. I say they should ditch that and stick to what they’re good at.

Phil and I also ordered a sandwich that we brought to one of the boat tours but I wasn’t able to take a photo of it. Finally, for our grand meal before going to the airport, Phil picked out artisan bacon + slices of tomatoes and cucumber + eggs + toast with buttter and marmalade.

Meanwhile I decided to have a cheese and meat sampler with milano + parma ham + pepperoni + salami + gruyere + cheddar + feta + edam that we paired with mild jalapeno by Tabasco. I knew it was a pretty big order but the thing is I have been wanting to sample a cheese platter since my 29th birthday. I just had to give in. As it was for breakfast, we each had a cup of brewed coffee. We also had a medium-sized cup of chocolate mousse for dessert.

As expected, the plate was too much for us that I was able to bring a big lot of it home. Before I actually offered it to anyone Karla discovered it and enjoyed it with the rest of the family so it also doubled as pasalubong. It was grand indeed. Happy birthday to me!

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