Coron: Foodtrip

Foodtrip is a humble carinderia near the public market. Facing towards the tourist center, it’s to your left. Apart from the welcoming attendants they have, the fact that they have a wide selection of viands you can order is also a big plus. This joint is also quite reliable especially for people who want to have a leisurely breakfast. Most boat tours start at 8 or 9 and many restaurants will still be closed at the time. Foodtrip, on the other hand, is open 24/7.

The American breakfast they served may not be that good but all of the silogs (Filipino ricemeals) were lovely. We especially fell in love with their beef tapa that we ordered many times during our stay. I told the owner that if they only had brewed coffee, they would be perfect. The owner did assure us saying that they are planning to have a coffeeshop/shake stall in the corner. It’s lovely that they are planning to expand but I hope their breakfast goods stay the same. The gising-gising or spicy mami and their lomi is very popular with the locals so I tried it. It was too peppery for my taste and not the kind of spicy that I love but it’s good when you simply want to have soup with your meal.

dangsilog (danggit) & lamsilog (lamayu)

gising gising (spicy mami) and American breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast, butter, marmalade)

longsilog (longganiza) & tapsilog (tapa)

We ordered German franks that ended up as hotdog but at least the sizzling gambas was okay.

I also gave the chef’s recommendations a shot as I really loved their breakfast but both viands, pork in garlic and olive oil and seafood medley were not what I expected. Those were a bit pricey and the vegetable side dish turned out to be a few slices of cucumber and tomato served with the horribly sweet thousand island dressing (Filipino style). If I were you I’d stick to their breakfast viands. However, it is also a good place to have a beer because aside from being cheap, their dishes are quite tasty making them perfect as beer match.

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