Sagada: Yoghurt House

Yoghurt House was all over the net when I was reading about Sagada. Everyone was suggesting it even when they haven’t exactly been to Sagada. It is that popular so of course that was the first place we had to look into.

The reason why it is so popular? Well, I don’t think it is the food or the yoghurt that they serve but I think it’s all about the charm of the tastefully decorated two-storey house. Everything they have is picture perfect. From the sign, the fire place the wall panels, the balcony, the tables and chairs to the foods that they serve, everything looks so inviting.

The others seemed to have enjoyed orders of pasta, sandwiches and yoghurt but nothing really impressed me.

I guess maybe I am being a bit too harsh. I did love something. Their salad dressing is so good that I ordered it for merienda. and that little mountain of vegetables? I finished it! The dressing is made from yoghurt but it is plain awesome and refreshing.

Yoghurt lovers will love the variations and the huge servings but it won’t exactly make converts out of people who stay away from this sour dessert. I am not saying the food is bad. It’s okay. It’s just that I am hoping for servings that will make me want to go back for every single meal for the short stay we will have in Sagada.

Do still drop by and try their healthy helpings. Don’t forget to take pictures. It’s just lovely!

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