Sagada: Bana’s Cafe & Resto

Bana’s Cafe & Resto is another popular destination and while it is not as picture perfect as Yoghurt House, it sure did please me more. It still was not mind blowing but at least I loved some items and did not feel bad after having a meal there. It was too bad that we weren’t able to try out their lunch and dinner menu. If their breakfast was quite alright then I thought maybe their meals would be equally good or even better.

The corned beef looked yummy but the thing is I don’t like ordering canned goods from restaurants and as it was not stated it’s homemade I kinda just skim at those items on the menu. Their onion tomato and cheese omelette was also good except that I would have loved it with rice and I kinda crave meat for breakfast so it still was not perfect.

I particularly loved the longganiza but I think the serving was too small; too small to be full and too small for the price.  I think Nina’s order of Bana’s Favorite with bacon, toast, eggs, marmalade and butter plus some slices of fruits on the side otherwise known as an American breakfast was quite promising. I did want to try it but as I said life was so short there. (Nina offered many times but I thought too many people asked to have a sample of her order that maybe she was not able to eat as much as she would have so I said I was already full.)

The banana pancake at 80 pesos was certainly a treat. It was served with lemon honey syrup and had big chunks of banana thus its rounded shape. We were told that it is only for one person but I think a group can share it if it’s only for dessert. This is also where I tried the local civet coffee otherwise known as alamid and I was disappointed that it tasted like regular brewed coffee at 200 pesos. Elaine’s order of Bana’s Café Mocha at 80 pesos tasted better! Anyway I loved their breakfast the most out of the other joints we tried out while in Sagada.

That’s me pointing to a cat. Why do Batibot chairs look so rustic? I loved that little corner and it would have been perfect for a smoke only if I still do smoke.

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