Family Recipes: Maxine’s Morcon

Alright, let’s do this

meat carrots cloves big pot
eggs celery soy sauce string
hotdogs garlic calamansi foil
pickles onion lime
tomato sauce

Most if not all will know what you need in the wet market so just tell them you need a good piece of meat for morcon. You can specify that it should be whole so that it would be easy for you to roll and wrap the thing. Let’s go to the kitchen and start by making hard-boiled eggs. It’s the easiest part of the recipe so you better do more than fine.

Next, wash vegetables you need. Separate celery leaves from the stalk and put it in a bowl together with soy sauce, cloves and meat. set aside. You can now proceed to chopping garlic and onion and slicing carrots and pickles into long strips. When the eggs are ready, remove the shell and cut into four pieces.

Then it’s gonna be one hell of an exercise routine because after lining the meat with celery, hotdog, eggs, pickles and carrots, you would have to roll them and secure them with a piece of string as carefully and as tightly as you can. If you are careless, your morcon is gonna look bad (but I don’t care cause the taste is the same!).

Now let’s start cooking. Saute garlic until golden brown and then add onions before stirring tomato sauce in. Arrange pieces of morcon and pour all of the marinade into the pot. Add water and cook for about 2 and a half hours, turn the pieces halfway and always check if it is running out of water to prevent burnt meat. Wrap it with foil and keep it in the freezer. On the other hand, keep the sauce and refrigerate as well.

To serve, thaw the meat a bit, remove the strings, cut into pieces, arrange on a plate. The sauce can be served over the pieces but I prefer a gravy boat so guests can enjoy it the way they want.

This is the first time I perfectly cut it. I love Mama Maxi for teaching me this recipe (only one of many) and for making this treat for our noche buena. I am ready to cook it by myself and I will before 2012 ends. Just look at that!

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