date places: Where to go to get to know her?

Once in a while I get the what’s the best thing to give a girl I like question from some guy. And I hate that question because it’s as if all girls are the same. Lil boys who want to give gifts that the girl will actually like should spend enough time with the person first to have an idea of what they may be inclined to. and when does this happen, how do you get to know the girl? Well, you go out with her. This post is all about where to go.

1. art/interior decor/home floor of a mall – this is safe in the sense that if she’s into art, she’ll probably check out some galleries and if she’s into furniture and collectibles it’s also just there. Mega Mall has one in a floor. Glorietta and Trinoma also have that strip. You don’t have to fake interest but don’t be a bore!

2. bookstores – There’s Fully Booked, A Different Bookstore, Bestsellers, Powerbooks and of course National Bookstore. You can choose a shop that is quite friendly with people who live in bookstores. As long as there are chairs/couches and you see a generous number of people browsing through books, it’s alright. Take note of what she’s checking out so you can at least have an idea of a genre or a general interest.

3. Cubao X/The Collective – because there are shops with different themes, because you can hang out and (do you want me to use the word “chill”? ugh), because it’s quiet enough to have a conversation (unless it’s late and there’s a gig) and there are also nearby restaurants and cafes where you can have your meal or your coffee.

4. fancy markets: Salcedo, Banchetto, Mercato, Centris and Legazpi – sure most of what they have to offer is food but in there you’d have an idea of what she likes and what she loves in terms of food. It can get pricey too so either you stick with Centris or you go out with a big group so that you can split and share. I would recommend Centris because it seems to be the cheapest and it seems to offer more than just food but each of these would have advantages over the others. Fancy markets also have midnight versions so that can also be the option for the night owls.

5. DVD finds – go to some place where you can get DVDs. Do I need to elaborate? Hmmm… Browse through endless stalls and you will know if she’s into movies and what kind she generally loves watching.

6. Toy stores – okay this may not be exactly for her but you don’t really have to tell her that that is what you’re going to do. The key here is just walk around the mall naturally and then make up some excuse to check out some stall. You’d have a hint of what’s on her mind so if it spells a big no then move on to the next stop. If she is tolerant of toys then maybe she will be lenient of “other hobbies” in the future, if you know what I mean.

7. Gadget section – again you don’t actually have to go there, just pass by and pretend to look something up and if she does look into something then you’ll know what she does for leisure. It can be as big as an appliance center or as small as a cellphone shop, a console shop or even cdr king store would do.

8. arcade – if she reacts violently take it back and say you were joking. That simple man. But if she says yes, then it’s gonna be fun.

9. grocery -just say you need to run an errand. Get a cart and push it together slowly. 1. talk and talk 2. get a few things and 3. observe what she looks at, which sections she enjoys and finally what she ends up buying.

10. something physical – running, biking, wall climbing etc. Suggest and watch out for warning signs but if there are none start looking for a route and make sure there is a nearby food joint after the vigorous activity.

okay that’s done.

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