Bazaar and Food Festival (Korean)

So far we’ve tried Ye Dang, Woorijib, Kogi, De Yang and that nook near Pearl Drive. We are planning to check out other Korean restaurants along Libis as well as the very old (and I assume reliable) Korea Garden. Anyway, I saw the poster for this event in one of the restaurants we often eat at. I was curious because the poster was in Korean. If it says food and if it is in Korean then it only means one thing. It probably means I am going. So we went to Dela Strada and we were welcomed by 12 stalls of Korean food. I did not see anything out of the ordinary but I thought it was enough for an introductory treat to Filipinos. The food was cheap and the atmosphere friendly so I have no complaints.

I actually wanted to order something else but they did not have a smaller serving. At 400 pesos, I didn’t want to risk it because Phil and I were still going to meet his family for lunch. Anyway I stuck with the basics and played it safe because we did not have much cash. haha! Had an appetizer of their dumpling which is very close to Gyozas. For our main course I got Kalbi which is pretty much braised beef except that it is not as salty and greasy as the Chinese version. Phil had most of my share but it’s okay because he also ordered fried chicken dipped in spicy sauce. Lastly we got a kilogram of kimchi for a hundred bucks which was pretty cheap and I think just right for both of us. We downed more than half of it I believe! We ordered 2 cups of cold Korean coffee and felt sorry that we were too full to try out other desserts.

Other than what we ordered pajeon, japchae, tokboggi, jokbal, bulgogi, Korean hotdog, Korean halo-halo, ice cream, wet and dry goods and trinkets were also available. We were there very early and I felt sad that there weren’t much people. I asked my mom to do her magic in spreading the word but oh well. Anyway, Phil and I did enjoy the early treat and we were glad we decided to check it out. Too bad it is only for a day. Here’s to more!

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