Home is Woorijib

Phil and I recently ate at Pancake House and I heard their new greeting for customers which is “welcome home”. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love it there and it has always been a favorite. Pancake House is indeed one of the fail-safe options I have when I am mad and irritable however “home” is somewhere else. Home is Woorijib.

If we are going to talk about firsts, it is probably Kimchi (as in the old school fast food chain) where I first tried it. One was near my school in my elementary days so I probably got my first helping then. As expected it was traumatic that I avoided Korean food until I accidentally fell in love with Kimchi (the side dish). I say accidental because someone put it on my plate and I was too embarrassed to leave it untouched. Then, I bought a bottle or a packet from the supermarket and paired it with nilagang baka. But it was much much later that I finally tried a full blown meal (at Ye Dang). I swung between 3 Korean food joints. One is Ye Dang, another one in Pearl Drive where we have our fix after a class of poledancing and of course Woorijib. It would be safe to say that we have eaten there less than 20 times since we tried it. I say that’s 3-4 times a month. Once, we ate there twice in a week. (update: Once we ate lunch and dinner, same day/ we basically just went home to rest) It’s crazy!

Of all the Korean restos I’ve tried, they have the most generous and good tasting side dishes. If you are still in the dark, side dishes are a staple in Korean cuisine and it’s for free with almost every order. I’ve tried more or less 15 kinds of side dishes here but most of the time they serve 6 variations. (up there: two kinds of kimchi, zucchini with kojusang, gelatin with sesame oil and spices, garlic spinach, odeng with sesame oil, some kind of coleslaw with a kojusang base for its dressing, tofu with kojusang).

We usually have two orders of samgyeopsal which includes a free bowl of dwenjang soup (on top of the side dishes). You eat it by wrapping pieces of grilled meat, rice and fried garlic in a lettuce leaf. You dip it and eat it! But anyway, don’t worry about the way to eat it. Just enjoy the food any way you want to. Lately, we have been ordering a combination of samgyeopsal and galbisal so we can both have pork and beef.

I think Korean is very refreshing because the flavors and spices they use are far from our everyday meals. As there are variants with the side dishes it seems like you are ordering more than what you order. I also recommend it to people who are trying to control their salt intake. It is definitely not salty as compared to Filipino dishes. It may seem bland at first but I am telling you that you will get used to it. Personally I find it helpful in improving your overall diet because apart from eating more veggies, you tend to skip rice. Perhaps people who don’t like spicy food and people who do not eat vegetables at all are the only ones who may not enjoy Korean cuisine.

and now for the whole spread…

Phil certainly looks guilty! Cheerio!

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