Peanut Butter Company at Katipunan

I felt like having breakfast out and all I could think of was that Regis Center in Katipunan. It is a strip of restaurants with Mom & Tina’s, Chicken Bon Chon and I forget what else. We checked out menus and decided we are in the mood for risking our morning delight.

I’m no peanut butter fan and I feel like “sweet” is only for dessert and I seldom have dessert but does that mean I should completely ignore a food joint? Of course not. Peanut butter and Company first stirred my curiosity when I saw a bottle of hot peanut butter and peanut butter curry (Mall of Asia branch). I thought I had to try something that weird. But at the time I did not know they actually have savory sandwiches, pastas and ricemeals. At Regis center I looked more closely and realized they have more to offer than peanut butter.

I ordered half of diablo pasta or hot peanut butter cream dory tomato based pasta. I also picked out honey mustard chicken salad (the only thing we had that did not have peanut butter in it or so I thought) hoping that it would be a refreshing break. Phil ordered half of Elvis something sandwich. It’s bacon, banana, butter and peanut butter. He paired it with fried potatoes (like mojos) served with wasabi mayo. The diablo pasta ain’t bad but it was too tasty for me. Actually everything we had was rich. Phil ordered half a sandwich yet it was hard for him to gobble everything up. I guess it is not for us who have started to develop a very bland taste.

We loved it when we tried Krispy Kreme Burger but this sounded really weird. It was okay but it won’t be something easy to love. I never really established the connection with kare kare, certain salads and satays that all have peanuts in them. They’re good yes but peanut butter is sweet! For now I’ve no idea how to whip up my own peanut butter delight. I mean I don’t even have the slightest idea how to cook kare kare so I guess I’m lost. Maybe it would be easier if I tasted something I really loved.

I haven’t tried their peanut butter. I mean plain and simple. I suppose it is their specialty. haha! But I do know of a booth in Centris that sells wonderful homemade peanut butter. I will go there tomorrow. Cheers!

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