Makati Mania (Part I)

Andre who is based elsewhere visited and we wanted to make the most out of his day so together with Jodi, Elaine and Phil, we planned a day’s worth of activities and a list of alternatives. We started with breakfast at Salcedo Market. I tried two kinds of French viands namely persillade and ceviche. I think they may be too bland for the Filipino taste. Other viands we ordered included Thai bagoong rice, Thai pomelo salad, pigeon and Korean style fried chicken. We were greeted with drizzling at first but later on it rained like mad which pretty much ruined a lot from the itinerary.

Anyway, we still went to see Nuestra Señora de Gracia church in Makati. I wanted to visit something where we could take a few shots and that 400 year old church was the only thing I could find near Salcedo. Even if the church was closed, we were allowed to go in because they were preparing for a procession. People were very friendly and accommodating so people who love documenting churches will enjoy it there.

Jodi was thinking of going to Ayala museum but as we recently visited the place, I did not wish to go there so soon. We considered trying archery but as it was raining, I thought it was a bad idea that we weren’t dressed for it. It was a long shot and I said I knew of a place where we can play table tennis, table top soccer and mini golf but well, it was already closed perhaps even for a long time. hahaha! Things like that happen you know. I plan a lot and keep more up my sleeve so that people will not be that disappointed. This is how a tourist should be.

In other news, we brought this home and we got to enjoy chili flakes and chili oil whenever the food is a little bit too plain. A bit overpriced but it’s still great. Watch out for Little Tokyo in part II.

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