Oct16th Madness: Jerusalem & Jalapeno

We were supposed to eat at Cafe Ilustrado before watching Polarity but unfortunately they close early on Sundays. This always happens to me but it never stopped me from trying again. Anyway I guess it’s fine because I got to check out the place and I am glad to discover a number of things that of course I’d keep to myself for now. It was also okay in the sense that we had little time to spare and places like that, well you need to linger a bit longer. I was actually considering to skip dinner until after the show but the problem was that I came from the championship of Manila Sevens so understandably, I was starving.

So after brainstorming, I decided we can settle for Jerusalem. I knew that it does not exactly have a great ambiance but at least good food is guaranteed. Besides, it was the only place I could think of that is near the area. It’s been ages since I last ate there and it’s exactly how I remembered it.

We ordered a mixed grill platter, a shish kebab platter and a lamb barbecue platter. I discouraged everyone from ordering any of the rice beryani variants for the reason that it’s gonna be very expensive but anyway we shared one so others can try it out. We got the cheapest which cost about 150 pesos. At least it was good for two people if they are not very hungry. As expected their hot sauce is one of those that you can’t really eat. And finally, the itsy bitsy serving of garlic sauce was just frustrating because it cost 65 pesos. I mean that’s worse than Hossein’s. The four of us only finished two of the platters and had the third one wrapped. And it would have been super cheap but accounting the garlic sauce, well. An order, I think, is not even enough for a person. I’m guessing you would need 3 to 4 orders to be really satisfied. Anyway, I’m thinking of going there with my own garlic sauce next time. Perhaps, something I got from Cyma, Ababu, Uncle’s Moe’s or Behrouz. (No I don’t like Mister Kebab’s cause it’s much too sweet) hahaha!

We watched Polarity which is a separate post. We had a couple of beers at Jalapeno. I think they ordered quesadilla and I forget what the other one’s called but it was pork. Apart from Don and Mitzi, the rest of us were too full from the dinner we had at Jerusalem but I still ended up ordering chicken enchilada so that the rest can try it out. Glorious!

We had a little chitchat over coffee at home care of phil because it is always difficult for me to wind down when I am a happy piggy.


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