Oct16th Madness: Polarity

After a not so slow dinner at Jerusalem, we proceeded to Philamlife Theatre where Polarity, the second anniversary celebration and performance of Polecats Manila finally happened. I am actually lost as to what to say first. I want to be as positive as I can so that I don’t become a super antagonist but then nothing will ever improve. Anyway, lemme try my best to be angelic.

Firstly, I don’t understand why there is a discrepancy between tickets and ones posted online. The tickets says it’s going to start at 8pm and online you will see posts that say 7pm. This should have been sorted out early on for the guests’ convenience. Secondly, there was a post that clearly says they will not be allowing photographs to be taken but that night, I dunno what happened. It was announced before the show started, just as it was during Stellar, that guests can take as much photos as they want as long as they don’t use flash. Wishing everyone to cooperate then retracting it the last minute is rather inconsiderate. Perhaps it was not as disappointing for me because I was planning to focus and forget about taking pictures altogether. I left my cam in the car and that was a little okay. Others who intentionally left their cameras would, I understand, be regretful or furious even. If they loved their guests… well, you know there should be no tricks like that. moving on

There were six of us in all and the oohs and aahs I heard were more than enough to prove that my company enjoyed the performance thoroughly. I felt very proud and kept on saying who my teachers are and who’s who. It was indeed very very exciting. I don’t think it was seamless because not everyone could keep up with the pace but generally it was wonderfully done. I was expecting more from Parkour Philippines. I know that they were just guests but I thought there should be at least more than 3 participants to be associated as an organization. Their performance as a whole was fun and quite entertaining.

Though Manila Symphony Orchestra did just fine, it did not blow me away as I expected. Either the songs did not speak to me or the choreography did not jive well with the music. I love orchestras but somehow I did not get goosebumps through the course of the show so that’s quite a surprise. I was thrilled of course in almost every act but I doubt if the music helped at all. I think it was purely because of the stunts they were pulling. It could also be the songs they chose or the arrangement. I don’t really know but I don’t think the orchestra was put into good use. As for the costumes, some were really bad but most won my vote.

I think barely an hour is too short for the ticket prices. The time we waited for the show to start was longer than the actual performance. Lastly, why do you think are there no pictures here even when all six of us were dressed up like dolls? But even if I knew all these, I’d still probably watch because there’s nothing like it. Polecats Manila is just two years old. They were responsible for many firsts and I think they will continue to grow. I think I’m gonna be there watching them grow.

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