Vikings and Casa Nami

Rock, Phil and I went to try out Vikings. Both Rock and I agreed that it’s our last fancy food trip before going on a diet but that is probably not true. I’d rather jog, double my football or poling than deny myself of oh glorious food. Rock’s work is until 7:30 so we were a bit late and we had to fall in line for over an hour.

I choose not to divulge what they are watching. Look at my boys all grown up! Anyway, on with the food. I intentionally did not take pictures from the buffet tables because firstly there were so many. Secondly, we did not have much time since we got in past 8. Lastly, I think it was better to take pictures of what we actually ate as opposed to what was available.

Okay I’ll try my best to remember what these are.

(1) smoked duck breast, deviled eggs, salmon and sushi/ (2)beef kebab, diablos and carpaccio/ (3)two kinds of seaweed, century egg skewered barbecued garlic, pomelo and lengua estofado/ (4) salt and peper squid, peking duck, sharksfin and hakao (5)nachos with cheese, jalapeno, caviar on cracker and grape and olive salad/ (6)halo-halo and carrot cake

and of course the highlight that is tenderloin and leg of lamb with red wine gravy, truffle sauce gravy and mint sauce

Actually, we went out so that we can watch a gig. I was curious about Casa Nami because of the number of performances with poledancing there. It was only a plus that Nina invited us and General Luna was on. It was my first trip to that nook and our first time to see them perform. Phil’s only concern is that why are they dressed up like that. They’re more like celebrity divas with their outfits and I just had to agree. Nonetheless I mildly enjoyed the gig. I felt old with the crowd but I am not after the crowd so it’s fine. I definitely enjoyed this more than the very unfriendly B-side. I want to see more of Casa Nami and maybe one or two gigs of Gen Luna. I want to find a scene that I’d really fall in love with. Help?

I’m ending the post with rock’s e cig that looks like a detonator. Did I get that right?

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