Mom & Tina’s

Inez, Phil and I went to Mom & Tina’s the morning after a night of drinking. I forgot to take a picture of Inez’ helping but anyway I had something light because I wasn’t feeling too well. I got Caesar’s salad, soup that was served with a warm roll and a steaming cup of milk. Just ordering that actually made me feel better already. Meanwhile, to feel good Phil ordered lamb.

My overall rating is not very pretty. I’d say most of the viands I have tried from Mom & Tina’s were either bland or plain. and to think I like bland helpings. I think a little bit overpriced for something that many people can whip up on their own. Phil, just as I expected, was disappointed with what he ordered because you can barely taste the flavor that most people are after.

Okay, I also have something nice to say. It’s comforting. The ambiance, the food and most especially the warm rolls were all something you’d come looking for when you are feeling a bit down or feeling a bit confused. I love what they did to the place as well. I’ll try more of their breads when I get the chance.

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