Is Bon Chon really Korean?

I recently fell in love with Korean food and I fell hard. I have dubbed it as the next best thing after the discovery of lamb from so long ago. We have our almost weekly Korean fix from 3 different Korean restaurants. Anyway, many raved about Korean-style fried chicken so I have been on the lookout for specialties for some time. I finally tried out Bon Chon and was I disappointed. haha! Firstly, I was shocked (no I am not exaggerating) that it turned out to be a fast food restaurant (trust America to ruin everything). Secondly, where the hell are the supposed staple side dishes? I don’t care if it is a measly serving, just give me something. Third, what’s up with the mayonnaise mixed in with kimchi? Ridiculous!

The one in Mega Mall had a long queue of I expect famished people. I pitied them because I was thinking many of them will not have an idea of how spicy their specialty is. I mean even I who’s supposed to love hot food needed to drink more than usual so yeah, it is hot alright. I thought they’d surely have a tummy ache from waiting too  long or from eating spicy food.

On to something positive, the garlic chicken was quite good. Both I think will be good with beer which brings me to another good thing about Bon Chon. They have Stella and Hoeegarden! Can you believe it? Well I guess it’s a little bit pricey and all but still it’s not everyday that you’d see those kinds of beer in a fast food restaurant that serves wonderful pulutan. I suggest they add some authentic side dishes and we’re good.

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