Cafe Juanita: Coffee and Dessert

If you are a collector or a interior design enthusiast, you will die of envy if you visit Cafe Juanita. You don’t even have to step inside to understand what I mean.

Ate Jeck was actually the first one who told me about Cafe Juanita because she said the place reminded her of me. Then, she handed me a calling card and told me that they are selling most of the things in the restaurant but most were pricey and I probably would not be able to afford any of them. The thing about it is that it is not very accessible to commuters so I have an idea why it took me so long to finally check it out.  Daddy Jowi mentioned it again saying he thinks I’d enjoy the place not just because of the decor but also because of the food. Finally, Inez helped out in finding the place (by calling another friend, Michelle).

It was a Sunday when I felt restless and impulsive. However, we decided to look for the place after lunch so the main dining area was closed. They only open for lunch and dinner. The rest of the time, a smaller joint with a limited menu will be open to public. I was not that disappointed because we just had lunch at Mom & Tina’s. We just had coffee, turon with ice cream and banana con hielo.

The staff was not at all friendly. In fact, they were mean. hahaha! not kidding. The coffee was alright. The banana con hielo was nothing out of ordinary. The turon was definitely something and I could have sworn I can taste hints of ginger in it. The collectibles are all lovely and extraordinary but just asking for the price of a few items assured me that they are overpriced and for the rich alone. If you are after cheap finds, forget about it. Still the place is something and that ginger in their dessert made me think of how adventurous the cook is. I wondered what the main dining area looked like and I wondered what kind of surprise they have for me for their main course.


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