Almon Marina – Favorites

I like going out in groups because we get to order more than the usual. When you go out with friends, food is more scrumptious, talking is more addictive and everything is picture worthy.

Almon Marina has always been a favorite. I randomly tried it back when I was in second year high school and penniless. Would you believe that I was able to order something?! haha!

Anyway, another old post. The pictures here disappoint me but anyway I’ll move on.

Their lamb kebab served with vegetables and rice was my early helping of the flavorful meat. right, is don’s order, open-faced roast beef with mashed potatoes

If I remember correctly a bowl of soup with that same garlic stick was 50 at the time. I ordered fish something with tartar sauce while Mitzi ordered a salad. Below is crepe asparagus which was priced at 15 pesos years ago! I should try and do this at home noh?

Phil, Mitzi and Don, always picture perfect. They walk in a parking lot and look cool.


*part of 24hour trip with the 3

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