Breakfast: Kenny Rogers Katipunan

Continuing with breakfasts, here is Katipunan’s Kenny Rogers with Seattle’s Best. I love the space and No, I don’t feel cramped at all. It seemed like how breakfast should look like.

Ah and they have ricemeals! And no, they don’t have the regular menu on but I saw a lot of cold side dishes in the counter. There is an order of a quarter of a chicken on the breakfast menu but none of those bigger portions, slabs and hot side dishes.

That’s my order baked bangus which is exactly what I wanted as I have been haunted Fullhouse’s Bangus (defunct) back in college days. I am gonna whip up some vinegar cream one of these days and see how I can make my pa and my ma happier by incorporating more fish in our menu. Oh and the big chunks of their atsara is a lovely touch. It reminded me of Moongarden’s homemade pickled vegetables. I saved a chunk of bangus for papa and he loved it.

Meanwhile Phil had the big breakfast 2 or whatever they call it. Pancakes, sausage and pieces of bacon paired with a cup of brewed coffee from Seattle’s Best.

Both were lovely but I think the selection is very limited so it won’t be long before you get tired of their breakfast options. Still, give it a shot as they have smoothies there and a whole lot of salads. I didn’t notice but I’m guessing they also have soup.


They’re open from 6am to 12midnight. oh yeah. Anything beyond the usual store hours rocks!

that’s the Seattle’s Best side and below is the smoking area. (looks more like a vacation place to me because of the greens) But it was quite hot so I got why they added le shrubbery. haha!

well, yeah I quit smoking, I can’t post smoking areas pag ganun?!

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