Xocolat Katipunan: A Quiet and Pretty Coffee shop

The first time I had a dose of Xocolat was in Eastwood City Walk II. Then, I had the overwhelming cup while Karla or whoever I was with had the one with chili. It wasn’t so smart for someone who is not into desserts like me. Fast forward to this year when I told myself that I would start taking pictures of desserts, I am glad to try it out again. I tried it with friends this time and quite slowly had a sampling of their cakes, beverages and even food.

This I think is some kind of an apple pie and the other one is some kind of a cake related to beehive. haha! The apple pie is too dry and the cake is too sweet. (for my taste at least)

If there is something to love about Xocolat, it is the energy of the space. It is overflowing with creativity that you will probably be inspired to whip up some recipe, some design or even some concept. It’s just lovely!

The atmosphere also allows people to unwind and chat with their friends without having to talk too loud. What I mean is if you go to the usual coffee shops, you probably have to speak a little bit louder because of bad acoustics or overflowing customers yakking away in excitement. Xocolat is smooth.

I told you it’s pretty!

Each chair is a conversation piece! haha. I’m raving again…

I think Mylin does a better version of spinach soup meaning hearty, tasty and done with cheaper ingredients! The burger that they called with some fancy name was not at fancy, it is just a burger.

This salad however is something more. It’s something different and it’s  definitely refreshing. It’s no less than a sensory feast with colors and flavors and textures etc. but again, something that you can easily do at home if you know where to get the ingredients.

Anyway I’m not even halfway their menu and I doubt if I am anywhere near their specialties. They boast of other goods like fondues there so expect a second helping once a friend invited me for a long chat.

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