Outdoor Grill with Friends


I have been playing flag football for quite some time and played the role of mother/cook to most of the players. It has been the most challenging task yet as an experimental cook. Aside from preparing/cooking part, the team is understandably always hungry so the challenge there is working under a budget while everyone is still satisfied. I never play it safe so even if there is a formula that worked before, each affair would offer something new and different. It does not have to be something fancy. It can be a spice, a sauce, a side dish or a dessert.

I have been fantasizing of pulling off an outdoor barbecue. I put it off because I thought it was something that needed a lot of preparation and I knew it would be stressful because I will be cooking most of the food on the spot. I have had my shared of overcooked and undercooked grilled items so I knew I was not only being paranoid. But then it was the team who decided to have that grand ihaw-ihaw and hell they wanted it in another venue. Instead of doing it in our backyard, we will have it in Circulo Verde where our team is having its 3rd season with a league. Since it was the team, I had to give in and I just had to give it to them and the hell I did.

I served isaw manok, isaw baboy, beef kebabs with onions and  chili beef and jalapenos in tortilla wraps. It was a rather short menu but I spiced it up with freshly made garlic sauce and also by bringing some kopi buns. Red, Ej, Frank and Rita also brought hotdogs and sausages so it was sweet.

Anyway, the outdoor grill was a success despite not having much time to prepare and money to spare. I heard raves even with my back turned and everything I heard was good. I’m proud because it’s no joke to grill in your backyard. Elsewhere gotta be very demanding. After that little stint, I had a lot of things going on inside my head about what would be good and what would be better. I started jotting them down and I ended up with around 8 posts that are all related to grilling. And so I thought that little category should have an introduction.  I love food; I love cooking; and of course I love my team!



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