Top 10 tools you need for ihaw-ihaw/barbecue

So you are ready with your grill and charcoal but what are the other grilling essentials that you would need for the outdoor ihaw-ihaw/barbecue to be a success? These tools would surely help in making sure the affair is headache-free.

  1. TONGS – The only way you can survive without this is if everything you have to grill is already skewered then you would only turn the sticks when it is time to grill the other side. without tongs, you will struggle with spoons, sticks and forks to turn what you are grilling
  2. CANDLE – Does not stink as gas does and lesser mess than newspaper when starting a fire for the coals. What you can do is cut a chunk of wax off so the wick is longer. The longer the wick, the bigger the fire, the faster the coal would catch it. You following?
  3. FAN – Of course you are free to use newspaper/cartons/plates and whatever it is that can work but a reliable fan will make it a lot easier for the one who will be grilling the viands.
  4. BASTING BRUSH – There is absolutely nothing else that you can replace a basting brush with. There’s no need for silicone ones or any of those expensive ones. You can even buy from a hardware store for all I care. But bring one. Sure you can pour the marinade over the meats or use a spoon but it wouldn’t be the same. Do your self a favor.
  5. NEWSPAPER – Use it to start the fire, wipe the grill, absorb spills, wrap sharp items, as a potholder and can you think of others? post it!
  6. SERVING PLATTER – before and after grilling, you would need something big enough to accommodate your viands. Sure you can improvise and use plastic ware lids or paper plates or just leave it on the side of the grill but come on, just remember to get a platter or two so you can serve the food well.
  7. BASTING SAUCE BOWL/CONTAINER/GLASS – this is where you will put the marinade that you will be brushing onto the meats to be grilled. Not having one will make you use bottle caps of ketchup/plastic cups/plates that would do but just not right, if you know what I mean. So you should get a wide-mouth glass bottle with cover and get a substantial amount of marinade ready. If you have different marinades, bring more.
  8. KNIFE – Mainly it is for peeling, cutting and making those slits on hotdogs. Secondly it’s to cut paper, plastic and lids if they won’t open. Lastly, you can use it to check if the food is just about done.
  9. FOIL – This can be used for grilling fish/burger/kebabs and yes it can be used to pack leftovers
  10. CHOPPING BOARD – If you brought fresh produce and plan to cut and skew everything there, you definitely need a chopping board. Otherwise, one of your plates will have so many scratches.

*part of a series

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