Items to be Grilled: Meats (5)

When people talk about grilling, the first thing that they can think of is meats. and when people talk about meats, it is sinful! Here are variations of meats that you can grill as well as some ideas on what might be something different. Knowing all of your options would help you decide what would be best for the grill party you are planning.

  1. Beef/Lamb – Many people love steaks whether it’s the classic t-bone or porterhouse to the more adventurous brisket, rib eye, tenderloin and grilling is probably the best way to enjoy them. The truth is that it is quite easy to grill these but people shy away from them because they are scared of screwing it up. They have the right to especially when you think about how much these cost. For those who are willing to take the plunge, there are few things to remember 1) get them fresh 2) don’t make it salty 3) time it. Actually to be safe, don’t put anything salty on the meat and stick with spices. You can just add seasoning once it’s done. As for timing it, you can simply surf how long each side should be grilled. It’s different with every kind of meat. Lamb is a bit more tricky as it tastes terrible when it is undercooked and it becomes hard to chew when overcooked but again it is as simple as timing it or biting a piece off whenever you have to check.
  2. Pork – Pork is cheap and easy to cook. It can be sweetish such as with a barbecue sauce or it can be sour and salty with the Filipino classic, liempo. Actually it can also be done Mediterranean-style but competing against pork bbq and pork liempo, well it’s kinda clear what people would opt for. Whatever you choose, do not forget to prepare enough sauce for everyone.
  3. Chicken – Most people do not like the idea of grilling chicken because of the time it takes. It is so typical to undercook or overdo it so hosts would rather stick with items that are faster and simpler. However, if you do have the patience to time it and your guests are served with other food items while waiting for the chicken to be done, it’d be wonderful.
  4. Kebabs/Burger – This is the solution for those who are a little bit too scared to go for pork chops, slabs of beef, grilled chicken and etc. Smaller chunks and pieces usually mean cheaper. Secondly, you can cook it faster. And when you have kebabs you can have lamb, beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey and all others you can think of. How is that for variety? The same goes for burgers. Buy ground pork, beef, lamb or chicken, mix some spices in and form it into mounds and you are good to go. Kebabs and burgers would demand more preparation time but surely you know that it’d be worth it.
  5. Hotdogs/Sausages/Cold cuts – If there is a way that you can go wrong with hotdogs and sausages then you have to give up the whole idea of grilling. Put it on a stick, put it on the grill and voila! Easy, fast and cheap but unfortunately guests wouldn’t be so impressed. But if you really think this is the only thing you can pull off, you can make it better with condiments/relishes/sliced vegetables or maybe do some magic with your marinade or baste. As for cold cuts, they are a notch or two higher but still cheap and easy to cook. The problem is that you would have to spend some time in folding and arranging them in skewers and even more impossible to keep them intact while grilling but if you do pull it off, it’d be grand. Mix and match varied cold cuts in one skewer. you can also choose to wrap them in asparagus/carrots/eggplants and etc if you are having a hard time. And don’t forget to oil the grill okay.

*check out other items to be grilled and cheat sheets

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