Items to be grilled: Main Categories (5)

This starts the posts related to grilling. It’s a rundown of food categories that you might consider when you are planning to have an outdoor barbecue. It’s just basically a list that would help you decide what would be best. I wrote some suggestions on how to choose and hopefully it would be less overwhelming to plan a barbecue after you are done with the series of “Items to be Grilled”

  1. Meats – beef, pork, chicken, kebabs, burgers, cold cuts
  2. Seafood – fish, squid, prawns, shells
  3. Vegetables – onion, tomato, eggplant, capsicums, corn, zucchini, chilis, potato, carrot
  4. Breads – pita, tortilla, pandesal, croissants, toast, ciabatta, focacia
  5. Desserts – french toast, ensaymada, brownies, sweet buns, sponge cakes, marshmallows, smores, choclits

Are you planning an outdoor cook out? If you are choosing items to be grilled, you have to consider a few things before you can get down to business. First, you must think about your budget as some viands are a lot more expensive than others. Then you have to think about your guest’s preferences. For instance, are they finicky eaters or are they the adventurous type? It would also depend on the time of the day. For example, are guests expecting to be served a full meal or just a little snack. Finally, your choice should be something that you can manage. Think about how short or how long you need to prepare the food. Apart from the marinade, the actual grilling time is another concern. Some foods are also more difficult to serve and eat so it would also depend on how comfortable guests would be with what you will serve. For instance, it may not be a good idea to serve fish or steaks if the guests are standing up.

If the level of difficulty is not an issue then just about any item can be grilled. It may be overwhelming but if you stuck with having a certain theme then it would not be so bad. For instance, is it a July 4 American barbecue, then you are probably gonna have some barbecue ribs, corn, baked potatoes and etc. If it’s aFilipino ihaw-ihaw then you can choose to grill liempo, eggplants and fish like tilapia and tanigue. For a Greek or a Mediterranean twist, kebabs, capsicums, onions and tomatoes will all be wonderful. It can be Thai-inspired, Chinese inspired, Japanese-inspired or Brazilian-inspired. It can also be somewhat of a gourmet cookout with lamb, duck, salmon and beef tenderloin with grilled garlic, onion, capsicum and slices of cheese and a medley of sauces.

Lovely isn’t it? Grill away!

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