Items to be Grilled: Dessert (5)

Just about anything from the bakery can be bought, brought to the picnic grounds and heated once it’s time for dessert but let us not be cheats! There’s got to be something more creative than that but yeah go ahead. Most people would crave for something sweet after a heavy meal. It also makes the mood more festive. Desserts may be a little bit impractical to grill but if guests would have a blast with ems sweets then the host/cook may reconsider.

1. French toast – As long as the grill is clean and oiled, French toast can be yummy outdoors too! For starters you can bring confectioner’s sugar or maple syrup. If that is too plain then perhaps other flavored syrups? A notch higher and you can have chocolate or caramel sauce and lastly whipped cream, ice cream with nuts and cherries and what else can there possibly be?!

2. s’mores – delectable yet simple. Melted marshmallows on top of graham crackers topped with chocolate syrup/chocolate bits and a variety of nuts… surely you’ve tried it.

3.banana, sweet potato, turon – classic Filipino grill items for that sweet ending, don’t forget your brown sugar and if you want some twist to that bring langka, ripe mango, chocolate syrup, cinnamon and coconut shavings.

4.puto, bibingka, ensaymada – I’m actually thinking about items that you can heat and items you can top with a slice of cheese or salted egg. Are you following? Coconut shavings also sound rather exotic and inviting.

5.brownies – It’s chocolaty, nutty, sweet, bitter and hot. How can people ever resist?

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